General information

For POBOS, the quality of its services is paramount. Quality is measured, evaluated and, if necessary, adjusted at various levels. In practice, POBOS provides quality measurement, both to the assisted client and to the organisation concerned. A permanent quality advisor and case managers ensure that the counselling processes run smoothly.

All internal processes were also subjected to a privacy scan and a cyber scan. This screening was carried out by a specialised company.

Respect for professional secrecy

Respect for professional secrecy and discretion are the basic requirements for keeping the service accessible to all concerned. In this respect, POBOS adheres to strict rules and has designed a number of documents to be used within its processes. This is done in close cooperation with the Psychologists' Committee, among others.

  • Charter 'Confidentiality and Information Exchange
  • Respect for discretion and anonymity
  • Document for the protection of privacy
  • Strict compliance with the European regulations AVG (GDPR)
  • Collaboration with the general practitioner 
  • Deontological code (psychologists)

Qualified, experienced and accredited aid workers

Quality assurance begins with recruitment of the right care workers. POBOS applies strict selection criteria in terms of experience, professionalism and specialisation. The national care worker network consists only of accredited clinical psychologists and experienced social workers. They are depending on the reason for registration and the specific needs of the client. 

All psychologists must have a visa, issued by the FPS Public Health, and a recognition number, issued by the Psychologists' Commission. The POBOS counsellors all have at least five years' practical experience.

Case manager (internal psychologist)

After the registration of an emergency call, a case manager is appointed for each case. These case managers are psychologists from our internal POBOS team. They are responsible for the smooth running of the counselling process and are the liaison between the POBOS counsellor, the client and the organisation involved.

Quality Advisor

Our quality advisor is in charge of monitoring the functioning and general coordination of the network of psychologists.  He or she also monitors all processes in the field of deontology, professional ethics and quality. This quality advisor is an experienced clinical psychologist. He or she is also responsible for analysing and following up the results of the quality measurements.

Quality measurement

Services of POBOS are evaluated at various levels:

  1. Survey ("Your opinion interests us...") at the conclusion of each case. The quality of the counsellor is here evaluated by the victim.
  2. Survey ("One year later ...") in the month of the first anniversary of the facts. Here, well-being of the victim is surveyed, one year later.
  3. Survey ("POBOS values your opinion ..."). Periodically, the SPOCs of our clients (organisations/companies) are asked to evaluate our services. 

The results of all surveys are analysed on a weekly basis. A global overview of quality figures is reported once a year. POBOS also provides figures at the level of the company/organisation concerned in order to make benchmarking possible.