General information

Primary prevention as defined by the Federal Public Service Social Security is mainly aimed at preventing possible psychosocial risks. Balancing work demands and resources, on the one hand, and encouraging sustainable work organisations, on the other hand, promote and strengthen the motivation of employees. One of the adequate means of preventing possible risks in the organisation is to organise training courses and workshops. POBOS has designed training courses on a number of specific themes that can be further adapted and refined to the customer's request.

Training courses

The training courses offered by POBOS are provided by experienced trainers/psychologists. The sessions usually last half a day, but multi-day training programmes on the themes listed below are possible. The content and format can be tailored to the client's needs in consultation with the client.

  • In-company crisis team

How to deal with traumatic events and organise the first internal aid?

  • Burn-out

How to detect signs of burn-out and acute stress within the team?

  • What if a colleague drops out (for a long time)?

Information session for the supervisor and those left behind

Policy advice

As a consultancy centre for welfare, POBOS has the task to supporting clients with policy advice. In many cases, solid advice has a preventive effect and can therefore help prevent problems. 

Contact us to find out more about how POBOS draws up confidential interim advice notes, reports, consultation certificates and policy advice, etc.


Being well informed is often an important first step in a preventive approach to psychosocial problems. In this respect, literature and psycho-education, among other things, have already proven their worth. Your general practitioner - often the confidential person you can turn to with your problems or questions - can also provide you necessary information. 

Please consult your general practitioner.