Our mission


Psychosocial first line counselling

POBOS offers a global psychosocial welfare programme after, among other things, accidents at work, aggression, (attempted) suicide, in case of, among other things, stress, burn-out, conflicts, company closure, returning to work, and in the context of, among other things, relationship problems, financial problems, addiction, medical problems.

A psychologist or social worker is appointed based on the reason for registration. If, for example, there's no 'chemistry' between the person involved and the POBOS counsellor, POBOS will, as far as possible, appoint another counsellor.

Psychosocial first line counselling

The counselling by a POBOS counsellor can be started very quickly: within 3 hours, 24 hours or 3 working days (according to the type of contract and the reason for application). Minimal waiting times

POBOS has a national network of local assistance providers.

Easily accessible and accessible

POBOS is easily accessible through various channels:

  • Via telephone: 03/710 59 20 (office number 9h-17h) and 0800/11 0 11 (green emergency number - 24/24h - 7/7days)
  • Via email: info@pobos.be
  • Via www.poboslink.be - section 'Register your request for help here'.


POBOS strives to reduce the costs of psycho-social counselling to an absolute minimum for the person involved. The costs are recovered as much as possible from the employer and, if necessary, from the workplace accidents insurer (in the context of workplace accidents) or via the ESPP (external service for prevention and protection).

POBOS welcomes the reimbursement of psychologists by the RIZIV. However, the group of psychologists with a convention is currently not that large yet. In order to be able to benefit from the reimbursement through the RIZIV, you must comply with a number of conditions.

As a mental care provider, POBOS works closely with the GP, who can refer his/her patients to POBOS.

If POBOS is unable to intervene, a specific referral is provided.

The widest possible audience

All requests for POBOS are treated equally and with respect. The welfare services are therefore available to everyone. If circumstances prevent the person involved from being helped via POBOS, POBOS provides an appropriate referral.

POBOS stresses the importance of psycho-education: freely downloadable leaflets, the POBOS Trauma Scan and the POBOS Burnout Scan.