Our most important assets

These five main strengths make POBOS your privileged well-being partner:


  • Many years of experience (since 1990) in trauma care and counselling or support for psychosocial problems via a global well-being programme (Employee Assistance Program - E.A.P.) - both work and private related.
  • A national network of experienced and qualified counsellors (260 clinical psychologists with advanced training in psychotherapy - 7 social workers with experience in the business world).
  • One specialised and experienced coordinator per activity area.
  • Cooperation with GPs. 
  • In the context of work resumption/re-integration process (incapacity for work as a result of burnout, stress, traumatic event, etc.), use is made, among other things, of the evidence-based 'POBOS - preventive plan of approach - burnout/re-integration'.


  • Unique and free 0800 emergency number (professional call centre, mainly in-house).
  • Permanent availability: 24/24 - 7/7 - 365/365.
  • Telephone permanence by our own clinical psychologists during office hours (telephone counselling).
  • Broad accessibility for a wide audience thanks to various channels (www.pobos.be, www.poboslink.be, 0800/11 0 11).


  • Fast to urgent intervention after the intake (recall within one hour, first appointment within 3 hours, 24 hours or 72 hours, depending on the reason for the request and the type of cooperation contract).


  • Continuous feedback to the client (e.g. through the customer portal in POBOSlink).
  • Interim and annual policy advice and reporting.
  • Cooperation with all stakeholders built as a partnership (communication, advice, feedback, exchange of ideas and experience).


  • Discretion, confidentiality and professional secrecy, as stored in the charter 'Confidentiality and exchange of information' and the document on the protection of privacy. POBOS strictly follows the guidelines of the AVG (GDPR).
  • Quality control through case monitoring in the short and medium term (contact with the GP/company doctor, questioning after case closure, questioning around the first anniversary of the facts, benchmarking, presence of a quality advisor).
  • For correct substantive and administrative follow-up, each case is linked to an internal case manager - psychologist.
  • Emphasis on the importance of psycho-education, among other things by means of the 'POBOS Trauma Scan', the 'POBOS Burnout Scan', the downloadable leaflets and short webinars.