General information

Since 1990, POBOS has profiled itself as the counselling centre for welfare and organises adequate help after shocking events and in case of psychosocial problems. 

Thanks to a national network of around 230 accredited clinical psychologists and 7 professional social workers, POBOS offers a unique range of services with the aim of improving people's welfare in the workplace and in their private lives.

In addition to the freelance social workers who can be deployed widely depending on the reason for applying and/or the nature of the assignment, POBOS has six permanent staff members.

Over the years, POBOS has gained the trust of a large number of companies, organizations, insurers, external services for prevention and protection, professional federations and sectors. Click here for an overview. Thanks to the professional guidance of POBOS, tens of thousands of people in need have regained the strength to go on and the opportunity to give their problem - small or large - a place.


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telephone: +32 3 710 59 20



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