The POBOS team

In addition to the freelance aid workers, POBOS has seven permanent employees

From left to right:

  • Leen - social worker/coordinator of the social worker network
  • Christian - administrator
  • Gauthier - relationship manager
  • Anouck - clinical psychologist/case management
  • Carlo - clinical psychologist/quality advisor/coordinator of the psychologist network
  • Sophie - clinical psychologist/case management
  • Justine - clinical psychologist/case management (not on the picture)


Network of psychologists

Thanks to a national network of some 170 experienced clinical psychologists, POBOS offers a unique well-being programme aimed at improving people's well-being at the workplace and in their private lives.

Social workers

Our Social Service consists of a national network of seven professional social workers.

From left to right: Kristel, Katrien, Caroline, St├ęphanie and Leen.

Not on the picture: Laurence and Marleen.

Social entrepreneurship

POBOS supports projects and initiatives that focus on the development of people, preferably young people.

  • School Without Bullying

School Without Bullying offers children and teachers in ordinary and special primary education three interactive school performances and a wide range of educational materials. School Without Bullying offers tools for groups to reflect on 'pleasant and less pleasant feelings'. The mission in one sentence: 'Make your school a feel-good school'. 

  • Jan Filliers Fund

The Jan Filliers Fund awards grants to victims of an accident who are permanently mutilated or physically disabled as a result of the accident. The financial scholarship will support the affected person(s) in his/her further personal development. The Jan Filliers Fund is managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.

Thirty years of POBOS

Thirty years of POBOS. The jubilee year of 2020 was supposed to be one big party. However, it turned out to be a year that was completely dominated by COVID-19. But even in this unreal and exceptional corona year, POBOS showed creativity and flexibility. Just like over the past 30 years.

Would you like to discover a piece of POBOS' history, look together at what the future may bring, or simply be moved by the engaging testimonies of social workers, clients, partners, customers, etc.? Click here and get access to the magazine 'POBOS 30 years', published on the occasion of this anniversary year.

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